'Borderlands' Class Guide: The Berserker

Three down, one to go. We've already gone through the Hunter, the Siren and the Soldier. Last of the "Borderlands" classes we're exploring this week is the Berserker. Convenient, since he was the last class added in the development process! Lets take a look at how this big fella handles.


If you're looking to dole out crap loads of damage, the Berserker is perfect for you. His skills are focused around explosive weapons and melee attacks. While he's not extremely ideal for standard guns, he's a beast with a rocket launcher. His active skill is also the most entertaining of the four classes, as he basically runs around screaming while punching people in the face for massive damage. Not much of a thinker, but of all the classes he's going be the hardest to take down.




(Note: The level cap is 50, with a skill point added for each level starting at 5. The Special Ability skill only requires one point to max out, leaving 45 points to spend in the other skills. Each skill can be maxed out with 5 points, so you could fill out the top tier skills in two of the trees, and still have 5 remaining points to max out another skill.)

Special Ability: Berserk - Gain the ability to go Berserk. While Bersek, ALT and ALT throw punches. Also, you gain resistance to al damage and you regenerate health while Berserking. (First level: Cooldown: 60 seconds)




Brawler Tier 1:

Iron Fist - Increases the melee damage you deal. (First level: +6% Melee Damage.)

Endless Rage - Increased the duration of Berserk. (First Level: +10% Berserk Duration.)

Brawler Tier 2:

Sting like a Bee - Punching while Berserk causes you to dash forward and slug your enemies. (First level: Dash Distance: 4 feet)

Heavy Handed - Killing an enemy greatly increases your melee damage for a few seconds. (First level: +12% Melee Damage.)

Brawler Tier 3:

Prize Fighter - While Berserk is active your melee attacks have a chance to spawn cash prizes. (First level: 6% chance to spawn a cash prize.)

Short Fuse - Decreases the Cooldown of Berserk. (First level: Berserk Cooldown reduced by 6 seconds.)

Brawler Tier 4:

Blood Sport - Killing an enemy while Berserk is active regenerates some of your health. (First level: Percentage of Health Regenerated: +2%)




Tank Tier 1:

Hardened - Increases your maximum health. (First level: +12% Maximum Health)

Safeguard - Increases the strength of your shield. (First Level: +8% Shield Strength)

Tank Tier 2:

Bash - Gives your melee attacks a chance to Daze enemies, slowing them and reducing their accuracy. (First level: Chance to Daze: 10%)

Juggernaut - Killing an enemy gives you resistance to all damage for a few seconds. (First level: +10% Damage Resistance)

Tank Tier 3:

Payback - After yours shields become depleted you gain a damage bonus for 10 seconds. (First Level: +8% Damage bonus.)

Diehard - Increases the amount of health you regain when you are revived by a friend or by Second Wind. Also increases the amount of time you have before you die when you are Crippled. (First Level: +30% Revived Health Bonus., +20% time to be Revived.)

Tank Tier 4:

Unbreakable - When your shield is depleted you gain 5 seconds of powerful shield regeneration. (First +3% Shield Strength regenerated per second.)




Blaster Tier 1:

Endowed - Increases the Explosive Damage you deal. (First level: +3% Explosive Damage)

Rapid Reload - Increases your Reload Speed and reduces with all weapons. (First level: +4% Reload Speed, +6% Recoil Reduction)

Blaster Tier 2:

Revenge - Killing an enemy increases your damage with all weapons for a few seconds. (First level: +10% Damage)

Wide Load - Increases the number of Rockes your Rocket Launcher can hold in its magazine. (First Level: +1 Launcher Magazine Size.)

Blaster Tier 3:

Liquidate - Dealing Explosive Damage to an enemy reduces the cooldown of Berserk. First level: Cooldown reduction per hit: -1 (in seconds)

Cast Iron - Increases your resistance to Explosive Damage. (First Level: +8% Explosive Damage Resistance)

Blaster Tier 4:

Master Blaster - Killing an enemy increases your Fire Rate with all weapons and causes you to regenerate rockets for a few seconds. (First Level - +12% Fire Rate, 2 rockets regenerated per minute)