'Uncharted 2' Tells Twitter What You're Up To (Don't Worry, It's Optional)

Gamer-friendly social media services like Raptr and gamerDNA have already set up venues for players to broadcast their habits and achievements through Twitter. "Uncharted 2," however, looks like it wants to cut out the middleman with Twitter for some of its activities, though -- if you want it to. The game appears to contain categories in its Options menu that provide on/off settings for a variety of Twitter communications.

The game offers to "Tweet your progresses as you play," according to TheBBPS.com, who stumbled upon the menu in their advance copy.

The screen cap they took shows six different "Twitter Events" that can be toggled for instant reporting:

-When Connecting To Multiplayer

-When A Cinema File Is Uploaded

-When A Chapter Is Completed

-When Earning Multiplayer Money

-When Earning Trophies

-When Reaching A Level Milestone

Personally, I'm a little stingy with outsourcing my tweets to third parties, but I'd be interested to see what form the messages take that get relayed to Twitter. One of the big issues, I think, would be how relevant the micro-blog posts look to a non-player, since 140 characters can only say so much about what you're playing to a Follower who doesn't know anything about the game.

Then again, if you have a bunch of friends following you who are also playing "Uncharted 2," this could be a great way to facilitate rivalries with easily broadcast status reports.

What do you think of the Twitter menu in "Uncharted 2"? Would you turn on the Twitter Events options while you're playing? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.