'Borderlands' Class Guide: The Soldier

In our week-long look at the classes of "Borderlands," we've gone through the Siren and the Hunter so far. Next up on the list we have what will probably one of the more popular class selections: The Soldier.


The Soldier is an incredibly handy class to have in a group. While they're very capable in solo situations, their turret makes them an asset to all. The turret, after all, isn't limited to dealing damage. Certain upgrades will make it a mobile health or ammo station, while others can make it instantly revive downed soldiers. If you're looking to extend the life of your group, a soldier should be your first step.




(Note: The level cap is 50, with a skill point added for each level starting at 5. The Special Ability skill only requires one point to max out, leaving 45 points to spend in the other skills. Each skill can be maxed out with 5 points, so you could fill out the top tier skills in two of the trees, and still have 5 remaining points to max out another skill.)

Special Ability: Scorpio Turret - Gain the ability to deploy a Scorpio Turret that automatically fires at enemies. The Scorpio Turret also has shields that can be used as cover. (First Level: Cooldown: 100 seconds)




Infantry Tier 1:

Impact - Increases Bullet Damage with all weapon types. (First Level: +3% Bullet Damage)

Sentry - Increases Scorpio Turret damage. (First Level: +7% Scorpio Turret Damage)

Infantry Tier 2:

Scattershot - Increases shotgun damage and spread. (First level: 3% Shotgun Damage, 5% Shotgun Spread)

Metal Storm - Killing an enemy increases your Fire Rate and reduces Recoil for a few seconds. (First level: +6% Weapon Fire Rate, 15% Recoil Reduction)

Infantry Tier 3:

Refire - Shooting an enemy reduces the Cooldown of your Scorpio Turret. This effect can only occur every 2 seconds. (First level: Cooldown reduction per hit: 1 (in seconds)

Assault - Increases Magazine Size and reduces Recoil with Combat Rifles (First level: +9% magazine Size and Recoil Reduction)

Infantry Tier 4:

Guided Missile - Your Scorpio Turret launches guided missiles in addtion to using its regular gun. (First level: Fire a missile every 8 seconds)




Support Tier 1:

Defense - Increases how quickly our shields recharge. (First Level: +4% Shield Recharge Speed)

Stockpile - Players near the Scorpio Turret regenerates ammo for the weapon currently in their hands. (First level: +1 Ammo Regeneration Rate)

Support Tier 2:

Quick Charge - Killing an enemy causes your shields to quickly regenerate for a few seconds. (First Level: +2% Shields per second)

Barrage - Increases the number of shots your Scorpio Turret fires in each burst.

Support Tier 3:

Grenadier - Killing an enemy increases your grenade damage and causes you to regenerate grenades for a few seconds. (First Level: +2 Grenades per minute, +3% Grenade Damages)

Deplore - Reduces the cool down of your Scorpio Turret (First Level: Cooldown reduction


Supporter Tier 4:

Supply Drop - The Scorpio Turret periodically fires out supply pickups to resupply players. First Level: Supply drop every 7 seconds)




Medic Tier 1:

Fitness - Increases your Maximum Health. (First Level: +5% Maximum Health)

Aid Station - Allies near the Scorpio Turret regenerate health. (First Level: Regenerates: 1% health per second)

Medic Tier 2:

Overload - Increases magazine capacity with all weapon types. (First level: +12% Magazine Size)

Cauterize - Shooting team members heals them. This effect also works with grenades and rockets. (First Level: Converts +6% damage to health)

Medic Tier 3:

Revive: The Scorpio Turret has a chance to instantly revive nearby crippled friends when deployed. (First Level: +14% Revival Chance)

Grit - Increases your resistance to Bullet Damage (First Level: +3% Bullet Resistance)

Medic Tier 4:

Stat! - Killing an enemy increases health regeneration +1% health per second