Free 'Batman: Arkham Asylum' DLC Revealed

I don't think anyone finished "Batman: Arkham Asylum" wanting more content, but it seems WBIE, Eidos and Rocksteady are unwilling to let this game go without tossing a freebie.

On September 17th, owners of all versions of "Batman: Arkham Asylum" will be able to download the "Insane Night" map pack, which includes two new challenge maps.

The first, titled "Totally Insane," is a free-flow combat map, which has Batman facing off some of those crazy running inmates that show up a bit later in the game. You know, the ones that sorta look like they've had too much sugar cereal.

The second is called "Nocturnal Hunter" and seems to be an outdoor invisible predator map, "utilizing the Arkham watchtowers and Batman’s arsenal of gadgets to gain the upper hand on The Joker’s army of goons patrolling below."

I'm kinda curious whether these two packs will affect achievements/trophies. Given the difficulty of the later free-flow challenge maps, it'd be nice if I didn't have to get a perfect 3 stars on every challenge.