Wikipedia Issues Warning To Tecmo

Tecmo isn't the first video game company to edit its own Wikipedia article, and it surely won't be the last. Repeated interventions to remove notes about its recent history, however, have prompted an official warning from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia discovered a user with a Tecmo office IP address making multiple changes to the page, according to Kotaku. Those changes attempted to erase references to the company's history that discussed a recent lawsuit.

With only 4 paragraphs currently comprising Tecmo's Wiki history, it's understandable that the company would prefer not to have one them focused on Team Ninja head Tomonobu Itagaki's resignation and subsequent chunky lawsuit.

"This was followed by another lawsuit filed on the 16th of June by two plaintiffs on behalf of Tecmo's 300 employees for unpaid wages amounting to ¥8.3 million," the entry continues.

Wikipedia typically prefers that companies stick to uploading hi-res visual assets, rather than re-sculpting their entries for marketing purposes though. And thus, they intervened.

There's still ongoing discussion on the Tecmo article's Talk page, where the lawsuits' use in the article are still being weighed and considered, but for now Itagaki's compensation dispute remains a matter of public wiki record.

Do you think Tecmo's Wikipedia warning was deserved? Do you think publishers should be allowed access to their Wikipedia entries? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.