'Dark Void' Travel Kit - Stuff That Came

"Dark Void," Capcom's jetpack-centric action game, has been pushed a few times. Now it's currently residing in early 2010, but that doesn't mean they can't start telling the world about it now. As a means of getting the word out, Capcom sent out a decidedly clever package, pictured after the break:

This "Dark Void" travel kit is from fictional airline Tesla Air. Nikola Tesla is a major character in the game, where, on a flight through the Bermuda Triangle, the hero finds himself transported to an alternate dimension called The Void. Starting to get the travel theme? The bag came packed with everything you'd need for an inter-dimensional journey: Eye mask, blanket, travel-safe liquid containers and, of course, an air sick bag. Sadly no jetpack, but I guess there's always Gold4Jetpack.com if you wanna go down that route.