FCC Puts 'DJ Hero' Controller's Insides On Display

Russ already found out how to play "DJ Hero," but now the inner workings of the game's controller are publicly available on the World Wide Web, thanks to the Federal Communications Commission. A smattering of files including radiation tests, a user manual and -- to the joy of provocative computer-chip photo lovers -- pictures of the turntable's insides have all been compiled and posted.

The materials on display contain information submitted to the FCC by Red Octane, according to the FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology. Several of the letters contain legal language and notes that won't be of interest to the common gamer, and even the close-ups of the controller's chips won't offer much to anyone with less than a casual interest in internal hardware, but for those out there who are fascinated by controllers' inner workings, these photos should probably come packages in an opaque plastic bag.

Ports, chips, circuits and the under-grooves of the turntable's shell are all revealed in the FCC's photos. Click around and you'll even find oddly suspenseful shots of the unit sitting in an anechoic chamber, where its radiation emissions were tested.

The vast majority of those navigating this "DJ Hero" exhibit will probably appreciate the controller's manual the most, however, since it actually includes user-friendly words and diagrams.

Are you surprised by anything in the FCC's "DJ Hero" controller autopsy? What did you find the most interesting? Share your reactions in the comment section below.