Xbox 360 250GB 'Super Elite' Bundles Showing Up, Disappearing

"Super Elite" Xbox 360 bundles appear to be waiting in the rafters with 250GB hard drives right now. Just as Microsoft confirmed that its 120GB Elite and 60GB Pro packages would be slashing their price tags this weekend, Amazon's German site and local distributors in South Africa reportedly leaked details about the Elite's successor.

An Xbox 360 with a 250GB HDD, two wireless controllers and "Forza Motorsport 3" appeared on yesterday with a price point of EUR 279.99 (roughly $400.00 US), but was quickly taken down, according to Kotaku.

Shortly thereafter, a South African ad surfaced, also touting a 250GB "Super Elite" deal. The bundle will retail for R4,999, according to, who forecast an October release.

The new hard drive, more than twice the size of the elite, did not appear in Microsoft's announcement this week regarding its 360 price drops. It's also worth noting that jumped the gun in July by posting a "PlayStation 3 Konsole slim," which heralded the launch of next week's very real and widely available PS3 Slim.

The $400 selling point would of course occupy the spot previously held by the Elite bundle, prior to it's markdown to $299.99. That may also mean that the Pro package could be on its way out the door, unless Microsoft to decides to keep 3 tiers of packages out there with only a $50.00 gap between the Pro and Elite.

Would you be in the market for a 250GB "Super Elite" 360 bundle? What do you think the future holds for the Xbox 360 Pro box? Share your responses in the comment section below.