Harmonix on 'Guitar Hero' Song Creator: 'Fundamentally Different' From 'Rock Band Network'

For someone with little-to-no musical talent (like me, for example), it's easy to equate the concept of "GH Tunes" (the "Guitar Hero" franchise's in-game music creator) and "Rock Band Network." Both offer ways for fans to get their own musical creations in the game. But Harmonix sees a big difference with what they're doing versus what "GH Tunes" offers.

At a preview event for "Rock Band Network," Caleb Epps, Composer and Sound Designer at Harmonix, talked about what he sees as a vast difference between the two products:

"On the surface it might seem like these two things are related, but I think they're actually really fundamentally different. What we're doing here [with 'Rock Band Network'], you're actually creating the audio and putting that into the game. We're not providing the audio for you to have you compose something with a series of sounds. I guess you can say that "GH Tunes" is more like composition with a series of tools, whereas ['Rock Band Network'] is taking your music and putting it into the game."

Epps did say, though, that you could, theoretically, marry the two titles in a Voltron-esque song-creating juggernaut:

"I guess if you wanted to get really meta about it you could record GH Tunes' and then upload it to 'Rock Band Network' and then chart that, but that would be really, really weird."

The gauntlet has been thrown down, people!