'Rock Band Network' For The Masses? - Lunchtime Twitter Poll

Above is a screenshot taken from the song creation screen for the "Rock Band Network." Harmonix is basically placing "Rock Band" song creation in the hands of users, letting them upload and sell their music through the game. I will not be doing this, 'cause the above scares me. But I will be trying out the work that other people upload!

I was curious how alone I am in thinking that the above is the scariest screenshot ever. Are you guys going to roll up your sleeves and get your work seen by the world? Or are you gonna be lazy like me?

FabioBracht @multiplayers I'm just gonna download, but one thing is for sure: I will pester my favorite bands to no end for them to include their songs.

RyanMHolt @multiplayers I will mess around with it, but I don't foresee getting more than one song up on the network

darkmagic47 @multiplayers Just gonna download stuff. I will spare the worlds ears.

ChrisA9 @multiplayers I play 3 instruments and have taken 4 years of music theory. I think I can hold my own on a video game music editor ; )

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