'Mass Effect' DLC, 'Pinnacle Station,' Suffering From Glitch

EA's doors and online cash registers are now open for business to anyone interested in squeezing two or three more hours out of "Mass Effect." The minimally publicized DLC titled "Pinnacle Station" went live yesterday for PC and Xbox 360, and priced at the $5 mark, it won't break the bank. But it may have broken something temporarily in the game-worlds of users who rushed to install it.

There appears to be a conflict between "Pinnacle Station" and the previously released "Mass Effect" DLC package "Bring Down the Sky," according to Joystiq. A flurry of questions quickly hit the "Mass Effect" message boards, where BioWare pledged to set things straight.

Available through the EA Store or Xbox Live Marketplace, "Pinnacle Station" boasts a few new combat challenges and simulations, including 12 scenarios, a high-stakes bet with the station Admiral and combat that is "more dynamic," whatever that means.

Once the glitch gets cleaned up, this should be a welcome addition for "Mass Effect" players. In the meantime, anyone who purchased "Bring Down the Sky" or the Platinum Hits version of "Mass Effect" that included "Bring Down the Sky" should probably hold off on their downloading plans until this DLC gets a clean bill of health to play nicely with existing content.

Have you downloaded "Pinnacle Station" yet? Have any problems? Love it to pieces? Share your reactions in the comment section below.