'Beyond Good and Evil 2' Fate In Doubt

Though the fate of "Beyond Good and Evil 2" has yet to be confirmed publicly from an official source, one writer claims to have personal confirmation that game has been put in suspended animation. If a pause button has been hit on the Ubisoft sequel's development, the game's conspicuous absence at E3 will turn out to be a canary in the media coal mine ahead of any official acknowledgment.

The games has been put on hold for now, according to Gamersyde staff writer Colin Solal Cardo, who made the claim on his Twitter account. His reported confirmation from GamesCom last week in Cologne leaves the project's long-term fate open, but like other fans of the original "Beyond Good and Evil," he's hoping for the best.

Ever since the announcement of "Beyond Good and Evil 2" last year, the sequel has been a hot topic among those who understood the brilliance of its precursor too late to make the game a blockbuster success, but enough to give it the critical accolades it needed to earn cult status with its fans.

If Ubisoft can eventually emulate their first installment's innovative gameplay with enough of a push to get it sailing with that audience and beyond, a brief stay in production limbo may be worth the wait. If the project has found its coffin, however, there will be a lot of disappointed gamers out there when Ubisoft makes the word official.

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