Best Buy Offers Free Game To Prevent Mass PS3 Trade-ins

Sony's new PS3 Slim offers an enticing deal for the third-generation Playstation platform's holdouts -- perhaps too enticing for Best Buy's tastes if a rumored internal memo turns out to be legit. The bigwigs up top at the retail giant have reportedly granted store managers permission to offer customers a free game and price-matching if they approach the customer service desk eager to exchange a recently purchased full-size PS3 for its slender new offspring.

Customers could be persuaded to keep their smaller hard drive and clunkier console with complimentary copies of "Infamous," "MLB 09 The Show" or "Killzone 2," according to Kotaku. Those definitely aren't garage-sale titles, so if the report turns out to be true, there must have been some high level discussions going on to free up that inventory.

With the improved PS3's release likely to coincide with a competitive price drop on Xbox 360 Pro and Elite bundles, these retail rumblings seem to foreshadow a lively September in this year's console wars. Granted, if permission was expressed through an internal memo, as it appears, store managers will likely have the right to forgo giveaways if they so choose. But just the same, this could be your lucky week if you purchased a PS3 in the last few weeks, still have your receipt, and would like to pick up a copy of "Infamous."

Were you contemplating trading your still-in-box PS3 in for a PS3 Slim? Are you going to walk in to your nearest Best Buy next week and test out this internal memo rumor? Let know your plans, and definitely sound off with any success stories in the comment section below.