3D Glasses For Video Game Classics - Lunchtime Twitter Poll

"Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao," pictured above, is coming out today and will support 3D glasses of various shapes and creeds. It's not the only game coming out this year that'll support them, either. It sorta makes we wonder whether this is something that'll catch on, or if it's just a Virtual Boy-esque fad. Oh wait, Virtual Boy was never a fad.

Here are the old school games that you'd like to see redone with 3D glasses action:

TrueGameHeadz @multiplayers River City Ransom - it's the only answer when the question starts "What classic games should be remade?" 3D or not

PressTheButtons @multiplayers re: Morning Poll - Rad Racer! Oh, wait...

geminibros @multiplayers Any of the vector graphics Star Wars arcade games.

ElectroTheatre @multiplayers Mario Kart (SNES). Battle Mode would be awesome in 3D!

nedfetterhoff @multiplayers I don't think anything should be put into a game that gives me the option of getting a headache after ten minutes.

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