'Mr. AahH!!' Is 'Bionic Commando' Without All The Guns

UPDATE: I've actually gotten better at the game (i.e. getting past the first level), and that's where the Lite version ends. Oh, and something else I missed: accelerometer support which lets you fine-tune "Mr. Aahh" as he falls. Definitely worth a dollar.

Original Story: Always on the lookout for quick time-killers on the iPhone, I stumbled across "Mr. AahH!!" today. The premise is extremely basic: A faceless gentleman, the titular Mr. AahH, has a rope which lets him swing from a platform to platform. Landing on the center of a platform grants you more points, but the platforms get smaller and smaller as you progress through a series.

At the end of the series the game mixes up the variables, adding more or less gravity and wind, which changes up your timing on when you should release the rope.

The controls involve tapping the screen to let go. That's it. There's no complexity here, it's really just a gussied up timing game, but I find it strangely compelling. As an added bonus, the free version (or Lite, in iPhone parlance) is pretty full-featured, with online leaderboards. The only difference is that the full game lets you have three lives instead of just 1, but I find the one life limit to be sorta rewarding in that hardcore old school sense.

So yeah, give it a shot, or check out the video of the gamplay that TouchArcade has running). If you're on 3G you can download it over the network, since it's under 10 megs. It'll definitely help you get through at least one painful meeting today.