The PS3 Slim Diet: Five Consoles We’d Like to See Get Slim

At half the weight – the original PS3 weighed fifteen pounds, the new Slim a mere seven – and half the launch price, Sony’s machine is joining a time-honored tradition of console streamlining. Both the PS1 and PS2 got sleek redesigns, but it’s a practice that goes beyond the Sony family.

Sega released four separate models of Genesis, even a handheld version called the Nomad, and Atari tried to keep their one portable, the Lynx, alive by giving it the “Slim” treatment. Nintendo have slimmed every single one of their consoles, with the exceptions of the N64 and Virtual Boy (yes, even the Gamecube. Disagree? Then what do you call the Wii?) Not all consoles have gotten the second lease on life a redesign brings though. Here are the consoles we’d like to see get slimmed down.


SNK got halfway there by releasing a disc system with old school Geo ports, but it just wasn’t the same. Imagine a nice compact, arcade perfect Neo Geo machine that had cartridges and controllers smaller than a shoebox.

Sega Saturn

No console in history got more of a raw deal than the poor ol’ Saturn. It was ugly, it’s memory relied on watch batteries, and its best games were never released outside of Japan. This puppy should have gotten the handheld treatment. Just picture it: “X-Men vs. Street Fighter” on the go!


What, you’ve never heard of the PC-FX? Come on, it was NEC’s totally rad 32-bit successor to the Turbo Grafx 16! Okay, it probably makes sense that you've never heard of it. It was only released in Japan, right when the PS1 hit the market, and there were only sixty-two games ever made for it. It was also bigger than a freaking Gateway desktop from 1992. This one deserves slimming just for kitsch value. And to give people the chance to play hits like “Graduation 2: Neo Generation FX”.

Capcom’s CPS-2 Arcade Board

For the fanboy in you. Imagine, if you will, a compact home console version of the arcade only hardware that ran (almost) every single fighting game, every single beat ‘em up, every shooter, every puzzler that Capcom made between 1991 and 2000. That is what heaven looks like.


The only one on the list that not only should exist but will exist. That’s right, everyone. 9/9/09 is coming! The new Dreamcast will be no bigger than a CD case and will have a 500gig HDD that comes with every game made for the system pre-installed. It will launch with a new, Yuji Naka-made Sonic game that is 3D and also good. Sigh. A man can dream…