Xbox 360 Price Drop Coming, According to Target Ad

Whether you've been contemplating a first step onto Xbox Live or the warranty just ran out on your red-ringed 360, a price drop on the Xbox 360 60GB and 120GB Elite systems could be on its way to help you out as soon as next week. The $50 and $100 price-tag slashes, respectively, come just as Sony's new $299.99 PS3 Slim hits stores the first week of September.

The 360 savings should go into effect Sunday, August 30, according to Engadget, who posted photos of a leaked Target flier. At their new price points of $249.99 and $299.99, the Pro and Elite bundles will keep pace with the redesigned PS3.

Price reduction celebration will be contingent on the leaked Target ad being legitimate of course. The grainy photo is less than hi-res, and the missing dollar signs by the big price could either be bootleg Target pamphlet warning lights just as easily as they could be minimalist layout choices by the page's designer.

Nevertheless, gamers will always welcome better deals on their consoles, so expect a lot of buyers to hold off on their purchasing plans for a few days until either these prices get confirmed or Target disappoints everyone by confirming this announcement to be fraudulent.

Would the new rumored Xbox 360 price points affect your purchasing plans if their turn out to be legitimate? Do you think flier looks real? Sound off in the comment section below.

(Image via Engadget)