'A Boy And His Blob' Pre-order Misses The Mark

"A Boy and His Blob" is a charming redux of the classic NES game of the same name. It's all hand-drawn and features a button that lets you hug your adorable blob whenever you want. Seriously, that's like the definition of charming.

Less charming is the pre-order bonus that GameStop is dolling out for people who pick up the game. It's basically a stress ball with a face drawn on it.

Now I know I may be nitpicking here, but with a creative game like this, it sometimes takes a little more effort to set itself apart. Look at "Scribblenauts." It's currently in the top 15 of the best selling games, and it's still a few weeks away from release. Why is that? One reason: Rooster hat.

I realize that the insider buzz for "Scribblenauts" is strong, but I feel like people don't pre-order these sorts of games unless there's an incentive, figuring a dark horse game called "Scribblenauts" will be widely available. But throw in a rooster hat and suddenly people are putting money down left and right. After all, it's a pretty excellent rooster hat.

So what could "Boy and His Blob" have done better? I don't know, a plush blob that's as adorable as the one in the game, maybe? I know it'd be more expensive, but on a game like this I think the important part is getting them in the door.