Most Ancitipated Blizzard Release - Lunchtime Twitter Poll

Last week's BlizzCon 2009 insanity has basically wrapped up, leaving us with three major things to focus on: "StarCraft 2," "Diablo 3" and "World of WarCraft: Cataclysm." Unfortunately, as is par for the course with Blizzard, we won't be seeing any of those titles this year. And, in the case of "Diablo 3," we probably won't be seeing it next year either.

But lets pretend that someone at Blizzard develops magic powers, letting them finish one game in a day. Which of those titles would you want to play tomorrow?

gravitybomb @multiplayers Diablo III, although it has a long series of delays in it's future. Tis the Blizzard way. It's only been 9 years since DII!

Aressar_ @multiplayers StarCraft2, WarCraft4 and StarCraft:Ghost. Immediately! Now! Go on!

RyanMHolt @multiplayers StarCraft 2. 12 years is too long.

JensDietrich @multiplayers Starcraft 2, hands-down. Couldn't care less about Diablo or WoW.

TrueGameHeadz @Multiplayers Lost Vikings 2 ... oh ... wait ... they didn't announce that? damn