'Avatar' Movie Trailer Released, Close To The Game

No, the above shot is not from the trailer...it's from this fake trailer that released a few days ago, but since the real one is watermarked to hell I figured that would be the next best thing.

The real "Avatar" trailer is currently watchable, albeit with a small bit of french to deal with...at least until Apple gets their trailer up and running.

Having seen the "Avatar" games, thematically it looks pretty close. You've got the 10 foot tall blue cats (navis, in the movie's parlance), lots of mech suits and Pelican-esque dropships. Oh, and giant alien beasts which bite heads off (though that may be axed in the game version). Also potentially axed: The furry action at the end of the trailer, which my eyes really could've done without.

Remember that the games (different on Wii and PS3/360) don't follow the story of the movie. Instead they'll focus on different side-stories taking place in the movie's universe. A trailer for the game should be releasing tomorrow, alongside "Avatar" Day, so we'll probably be able to do a bit better job contrasting the two products then.