EXCLUSIVE: Zuma's Revenge Revealed

Originally released in 2003, "Zuma" quickly became one of PopCap's most popular titles. Like most of PopCap's titles, the game was easy-to-learn, hard-to-master, requiring you to fire clay balls from the mouth of a frog, matching colors and preventing a stream of balls from reaching an end-point. People have been expecting/anticipating a sequel for some time now, and they'd be surprised to learn that it's practically upon us! "Zuma's Revenge" is preparing to launch on September 15th for PCs, with a Mac version coming shortly thereafter.

The principles in "Zuma's Revenge" are the same as in the first game. You're still trying to match colored balls from the mouth of a stone frog, but they've gone and introduced several new power-ups (such as laser frog eyes and a shotgun-like blast of balls) as well as new modes which help mix things up a bit.

In an exclusive interview, Jason Kapalka, co-founder and chief creative officer at PopCap, was able to shed some light on these modes for us:

"Boss battles against evil Tiki spirits punctuate the regular Adventure game, and advanced players can have their skills tested by the all-new Heroic Frog and Iron Frog modes. In addition there’s the Challenge mode...where players compete to get a top score in a limited time, much like our 'Bejeweled Blitz' game on Facebook."

Other features that have been improved this time around include support for widescreen monitors and graphical resolution which is nearly 3 times as detailed as the original "Zuma."

For now, check out these screens that PopCap sent over...they should give you a taste of what to expect from the future of "Zuma."