'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' Comic Book Series Coming From Wildstorm

UPDATE: Here's the official word from Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward as to how the comic fits in with the game: "The 'Modern Warfare 2: GHOST' comic is a 6-part series delving into the, more legend than history, backstory of Ghost. The series takes place before his inclusion in Taskforce 141 and as such before the events of Modern Warfare 2; focusing more on the origins of his character, the mask, and his ‘Ghost’ moniker."

Original Story: It's not a successful franchise if there's not a comic book spin-off, right? Well "Call of Duty" has officially made it, as Wildstorm (an arm of DC Comics) has nabbed the rights to produce a "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" comic.

Titled "Modern Warfare 2: Ghost," the series will be a six-parter and tie in to the November release of the game.

I'm kinda curious just how much of a connection the comic and the game will have. Like is the above guy (art taken from the comic book) in the game in any way? Can I unlock his scary face camo? Is Captain Price really dead? Inquiring minds want to know!