Most Wanted Games Of August - Lunchtime Twitter Poll

We're just about out of the woods. Decent games are finally starting to come out again, and the gloomy, crap-filled days of July are long behind us. There are a lot of games that have either come out already this month or are coming out over the next week or two. Which are going to steal the most of your precious time?

geminibros @multiplayers It's a toss-up between Arkham and Shadow Complex.

1point21gigawat @multiplayers batman:AA se- because my dog and I plan on playing frisbee with the 14in foam batarang

johnke @multiplayers Trials HD, so far. But still psyched for Batman: Arkham Asylum.

markodjordjevic @multiplayers Isn't the only answer Madden? (mine would be Fat Princess, but that came out in July)

dave_haas @multiplayers Shadow Complex for sure. "Metroid-vania" and XP for exploring the map? Awesome.