'Wolfeinstein' Rocket Troopers Are Unfriendly

As we all know, jet packs are a very viable conveyances during wartime. They can, for example, send you up in the air, giving you the permanent high ground! You may not have known that the real life Nazis experimented with the packs during World War 2 by strapping two jets to the back of a hapless pilot. Oh those Nazis, what won't they do? You can learn all about the early jet packs here (complete with super ridiculous pictures that I'm very tempted to steal but won't).

Although there's no evidence that jet packs made it into actual combat use, "Wolfenstein" claims otherwise! Check out this exclusive trailer that Activision has just sent over, displaying the might of the HIMMELSTÜRMER. Don't worry, you'll be blowing them up quite a bit, which should make you feel better about the whole thing.