Birth Of The One Sentence Challenge - Lunchtime Twitter Poll

Games are getting more and more complex. Every passing day brings with it more gigantic press releases in my inbox about the depth and intricacy of a video game. Why can't we go back to simpler times, when a game could be described thusly: "Use the tank to shoot the dot and get points"?

Well I'm making it happen, whether the video game likes it or not. Oh yes, I'm bringing it: The One Sentence Challenge. Here are the rules:

A publisher or developer must describe their game in one grammatically correct sentence. No run-ons or particularly aggressive semi-colons allowed. I'll admit that this isn't very compelling for, say, "Madden," but wouldn't you like to know how someone might summarize the enormity of, say, "World of WarCraft" or "Fallout 3"? Here are some of the suggestions I got from you guys. I'll be reaching out to publishers and developers, and hopefully we'll get some good answers.

nickchester / mdoherty83 @multiplayers Schafer, Brutal Legend.

filthyvillain @multiplayers You should get one sentence about Rage from id.

Shinobi_Boa @multiplayers HALO: ODST next! Hard to escape the fact that it's a recycled generic shooter in one sentence. I wanna see Bungie squirm :)

undeadpixels @multiplayers Does it have to be an unreleased game? NobyNobyBoy, EarthDefenceForce, RobotAlchemicDrive, WET, LittleRedRidingHood'sZombieBBQ

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