PS3 Slim Demands - Lunchtime Twitter Poll

Now that the PS3 Slim is basically definitely pretty much happening (with an expected announcement at GamesCom), it makes me wonder just how many people would toss their old PS3 Fat for the newer, svelter model.

So I put it to you: What would the Slim need to have for you to make the switch? Personally I hate the original PS3 design, but I don't know if that's quite enough to justify such an outlandish purchase. But what about you guys?

ericelftmann @multiplayers After having already spent $400, it would need to have a free trade-in/upgrade.

aubradley84 @multiplayers Gigantic hard drive, backwards compatibility and a sno cone machine. Missing any of those and the deal's off.

dlongworth @multiplayers I would get rid of my 40gb for a slim right away for backwards compatability and N wireless

Coyotegrey @multiplayers The lack of the ability to play games.'re asking that question in this economy?

Nerfgun @multiplayers if the PS3 Slim levitated in the air as a spinning crystalline TRON-artifact I'd think about swapping. Otherwise... nothing.

DukusDukus @multiplayers ..hmmmm....lets would need to look better than the big george foreman grill ps3..thats all!

mikespit1 @multiplayers IR port so I can use my Harmony remote without a damned adapter

filthyvillain @multiplayers It would need the ability to play Left 4 Dead and Gears. [Ed note: There's always one.]