'Professor Layton And The Diabolical Box' With A Diabolical Box - Stuff That Came

UPDATE: I called the number in the message, and Professor Layton basically told me what to do (you can call too, if you want to take part!). And it still won't open. On the verge of smashing.

UPDATE 2: I'm pretty sure it's jammed. You can see a bit of plastic sticking out of the right side of the box in the above pic. I'm gonna fiddle with it for the rest of the day before hitting it with a hammer and hoping whatever's inside isn't too fragile.

UPDATE 3: The MTV News interns are on the case!

Original Story: Nintendo sent along a copy of the new DS puzzle sequel, "Professor Layton And The Diabolical Box." Also in the package was a box. Specifically a puzzle box. Oh, and a note challenging me to open it. You can see the note above (I've just blurred out the contact info of the Nintendo rep).

How to get this thing open is a totally mystery to me. I could post a video of me struggling for a half hour, but somehow I don't think that's really the best use of your time.

I'm pretty sure something's in the box, though, so if sudden inspiration strikes me (or I smash it in frustration) I'll let you know.