Avatar Clothing, A Test Of Self Control - Lunchtime Twitter Poll

As you probably already know, today's Xbox 360 dashboard update adds the Avatar Marketplace, where you'll be able to purchase clothing and accessories for your avatar. Jaded gamers may scoff, but I have a distinct feeling that a lot of you are going to see all the fancy new threads in your friends lists and break down, dropping a dollar or two on a nifty new hat or giant ear swab. Admit it, you're weak!

Kinmar @multiplayers already purchased the complete Stan outfit from Secret of Monkey Island: SE (and the giant cotton swab.) [Ed note: See!]

gravitybomb @multiplayers I was planning on taking a stand. Then, just this morning, I saw that I could get a lightsaber. My inner nerd cannot resist.

mnolin @multiplayers I'll have to say the Halo RC car but I want a real one dammit!

Undeadlaz @multiplayers big daddy helmet and lightsaber and then my nerd dreams will be fulfilled

AlanRappa @multiplayers Big Daddy helmet looked pretty sharp. NO! NO! NO!!!! I swore I wouldn't... but... Big Daddy Helmet... calling my name... ugh..

alexriviello @multiplayers I'm not planning on it, but the Monkey Island swag is tempting me, damn it.

roxaloxa @multiplayers i've been debating buying the cotton swab from MI:SE since the preview update... just might do it now.

matmurray @multiplayers Not me personally, but @ratsoalbion said he's probably gonna buy the Lightsabre for 400ms points. What a JERK.

(pic via Kotaku)