'Snood' Revived As 'Snood Redood,' Coming To iPhone

If you had a crappy PC in the late '90s, you probably played "Snood." The freeware "Puzzle Bobble" clone ran on just about everything and was, well, strangely addictive.

We haven't heard much from "Snood" since then, save for a small DS release, but apparently it's making a comeback. "Snood Redood" (yes that's the actual, awesome title) is coming to iPhone sometime "soon." It'll have new graphics, as well as the old school, kinda lame graphics that you remember from the original. In the above screenshot, it's old on the left, new on the right.

There are already a few "Puzzle Bobble" clones on the iPhone, some of which are quite good, so it's going to take a lot for "Snood Redood" to set itself apart. Here's hoping it has the [insert clever Snood pun here] to make it.