The Nerdiest Stuff You Own - Lunchtime Twitter Poll

In light of the arrival of the "Scribblenauts" rooster hat, I got to thinking about all the nerdy stuff in my apartment, and just how much of it makes me a better man. The above "Fallout 3" statue was, admittedly, taken at my old job, and is therefore not really something I "own," but that was the idea.

Here's the stuff that you guys are most proud of on your nerd scale:

TrueGameHeadz @multiplayers Toru Iwatani/Billy Mitchell autographed Pac-Man Arcade marquee

Jeremy_LaMont @multiplayers Dune Encyclopedia... though during a recent visit my wife's friends BOTH saw it on the bookshelf and commented. Hello, ladies!

gravitybomb @multiplayers Probably the life-sized Boba Fett cut out I have in the living room. Ol' Boba radiates awesome nerdiness.

nickchester @Multiplayers Not game-related, but this custom Ghoulies picture I had made for our wedding anniversary is am...

midnight917 @multiplayers Early 80's old school 8-bit Famicom from Japan, my first console!

shyndarkly @multiplayers Digital Equipment Corp RL02 disk drive from a PDP11 with a still operational BBS on it - complete with NetHack

feitclub @multiplayers Japanese copy of Symphony of the Night which I bought just to try the game in its native language (still own an English copy).

dave_haas @multiplayers my wife, Rebecca :)

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