Exclusive: 'Scribblenauts' Rooster Hat Heads-on Impressions

As you probably already know, WBIE, the publisher of "Scribblenauts," is encouraging people to pre-order the game by offering up a free rooster hat if you put money down before launch. The moment I heard this, I wanted one.

So I spoke to WBIE. Well, more like sternly demanded. And they came through. The above rooster hat is the only one they had in their offices, and I have to mail it back to them once I'm "done," but I thought you guys might be interested in my impressions before I do. Oh, and I took the opportunity to terrorize the MTV Newsroom while I was at it, forcing people to wear the hat at stylus-point. So there's that too.

You can check out the MTV News rooster hat gallery here, and my video impressions below.

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In case you live in one of the above locations, this hat basically rocks. If you're on the fence about whether a rooster hat is something useful to have around the house, you clearly haven't given it enough thought. Your move, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" night-vision goggles!