'Batman: Arkham Asylum,' Video, 'Guitar Hero: Van Halen' Song List, Former 'Halo' Director Speaks - Multiplayer's Top Stories

Another slow week for game releases, but there was still plenty of news to keep us occupied in the gaming world. "Batman: Arkham Asylum," gearing up for its release in a couple weeks, is finally starting to reveal its secrets, and we got more details on "Guitar Hero: Van Halen." There was also some time talking with Neill Blomkamp, the former director of the canceled "Halo" movie. And off we go!

- The first 10 minutes of "Batman: Arkham Asylum," captured on video for the world to enjoy. Thankfully it only gets better from there.

- We revealed the full song list of "Guitar Hero: Van Halen," as well as the release date.

- Neill Blomkamp spoke about how long he worked on the "Halo" movie and whether there's any hope of returning to it.

- We posted a series of interviews with Microsoft regarding the upcoming 360 dashboard update.

- Lastly, Bethesda confirmed that "Mothership Zeta" is the final planned DLC pack for "Fallout 3."