Favorite Special Edition Pack-Ins - Lunchtime Twitter Poll

Despite the crap economy, seems like this holiday will be even more rife with special editions of video games. And, as publishers try to differentiate, they're getting more and more creative with what sorta stuff they're putting in there. Night vision goggles and rooster hats certainly spring to mind.

Anyway, what are some of your favorite special edition pack-ins from over the years?

undeadpixels @multiplayers Master Chief helmet, because of what you can do with it. My Size Barbie Master Chief. Bloody display stand for Gears Lancer.

tylergarner @multiplayers I'm excited about the Halo 3 ODST Controller and MW2 Night Vision Goggles. [Ed note: But those aren't out yet!]

kidkoexist @multiplayers Vault-boy bobblehead for sure. I only wish it was the one you lucky journos got

geminibros @multiplayers CAT HELMETS!!!!!

KidSunday @multiplayers Ocarina of Time for gamecube with Zelda Windwaker! Can't beat a free game!

gravitybomb @multiplayers The Fallout 3 lunchbox that the game was packaged IN. Like a good wastelander, I never leave the Vault without it.