Touchable Holograms Use Wiimote Technology

While Project Natal was all the rage at E3, there was one thing holding it back from being a truly insane experience: being able to actually feel what you're doing. The Wii remote has rumble, so when you hit a ball, you'll feel in. In Project Natal's "Ricochet" demo, however, hitting a ball back resulted in no tactile sensation whatsoever.

Seems like there may be a way to fix that. Researchers at the University of Tokyo have created a hologram that you can not only interact with, but also feel! Using sonic vibrations you'll be able to feel "water drops" on your hand, for example. And the set-up even uses Wiimotes to track the location of your hand to ensure that you're feeling the right thing at the right time. The future is now!

Touchable Holography (via Gizmodo)