'Guitar Hero 5' Has Avatar Support, So Should These - Lunchtime Twitter Poll

Activision announced today that "Guitar Hero 5" will support avatars, which means you'll be able to bring your 360-made character into the game for explicit rocking-out purposes.

As much as people have sort of poo-pooed the whole avatar thing, I see nothing wrong with them. Games that support them make me feel a little more attached, even if they're only used in menus (like "Worms 2: Armageddon"), so their inclusion in "Guitar Hero 5" is a nifty extra. But it seems like avatar-implementation has only scratched the surface. What other games would you guys like to see your avatar in?

mnolin @multiplayers I actually like the GH5 implementation! Besides, can you imagine Army of Two: the 40th day with avatar support? Pure awesome

hardcasual @multiplayers Avatar: The Last Airbender (JOKES!)

PabloRaphael @multiplayers Left 4 Dead. Avatar infestation FTW!

mattbanks @multiplayers Mortal Kombat: Avatar Edition

GamesCanTeach @multiplayers Smash Bros on the Wii really should have had a "Mii" character. (re: avatars)

dkinuyasha @multiplayers besides the obvious ones like Gears, Halo or COD, maybe viva pinata? breed/raise pinata versions of friends avatars