Sway vs. Frushtick: The Ultimate Video Game Fish-off (Video)

This requires a little explanation, so stick with me: A few weeks back we had the publisher of "Bass Pro Shops: The Strike," Griffin International, in the office to show off the game. The basic gist is that it's an extremely realistic fishing game, right down to the real-world lures, rods, reels and line. It'll also come packed with a fishing rod-shaped controller, which has rumble and force feedback as you're trying to land a big one.

Anyway, I'm trying out the game in my corner of the newsroom when someone mentions that Sway, long-time MTV News frontman, is a huge fisherman and would love to give it a shot. Unfortunately Sway was out of the office that day, but the Griffin reps kind enough to drag all their equipment back the next day so we could give him a shot.

And from there, a challenge was born. You'll see in the video, Sway is not kidding around when it comes to fishing (or, I guess, angling). I proposed that someone with a repository of gaming knowledge should take on someone with an array of fishing experience to see which would win out. The end result is the video you see below:

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Soulja Boy, you're next.