Biggest 2010 Video Game Delays - Lunchtime Twitter Poll

The past couple weeks have been brewing with big games getting pushed into 2010. It's an unfortunate but common circumstance as publishers realize that A) Their game's not done yet, or B) They'd rather not release on the same day as "Call of Duty." Considering all the recent revelations, what are some of the releases that you guys are most bummed about having to wait for?

lightanddark @multiplayers Bayonetta, that game looked like action game of the Year!

Lex_D @multiplayers Ugh, BioShock 2. Really had my heart set on spending all my Christmas vacation playing it :(

JoeyDavidson @multiplayers If anything, I'm glad some titles got delayed. Buying a house this year puts a pinch on my gaming budget. This spreads things!

PabloRaphael @multiplayers Splinter Cell Conviction. It's pure evil show that stuff at E3 and them delay the game (again).

kewlrats @multiplayers Although FF XIII hasn't officially been delayed, it's a shame that it will fall up against Mass Effect 2 and even FF XIV.

feitclub @multiplayers I'm the most confused by Bayonetta, since Japan gets it in 2009. What do they need the extra time for, translation? Hardly.

IsNotNull @multiplayers Bad Company 2. Because blowing up buildings is going to be GREAT FUN!

nickchester @multiplayers I'll wait for the rest of the unannounced delays to be revealed before I submit my final answer.