'Borderlands' Has 3,166,880 Different Weapons

"Borderlands" had its first hands-on debut in New York City a couple of weeks ago, but I was on-hand to check out the game in the wilds of Brooklyn.

Full impressions coming in a bit, but I wanted to call attention to something I noticed during the demo. Randy Pitchford, the president and founder of Gearbox, was walking us through the single-player campaign when he was hit by a need to show off a particularly cool gun. Jumping into a debug menu screen, he was able to select a few parameters to find just the sorta gun he was looking for. In this case it was a rocket launcher with the description, "Holy sh*t, it shoots rockets!"

The debug menu was fascinating, though, as it's basically a giant database of all the possible combinations of guns you can have, from sniper rifles with shock damage and a blue scope to uzis with flame effects and a red barrel. For each category the total number of possible guns was listed and, at the top, was the total number of guns that could be created with all the possible combinations.

That number was 3,166,880.

Keep in mind the game is still pre-release, and that number could go even higher. So yeah, you won't be finding all the guns in the game, unless you figure out a way to cheat. Or you literally spend 6.025 years playing "Borderlands," which is how long you would need to play if you were finding a new gun every minute.