'Splinter Cell: Conviction' Delayed to 2010

A disappointing loss for the holiday season: "Splinter Cell: Conviction," Ubisoft's 360-exclusive revival of the "Splinter Cell" franchise, has been officially delayed to 2010. Also delayed to that time period is "Red Steel 2," the sword-fighting, gun-slinging sequel to the Wii launch title.

I just got off the phone with an Ubisoft rep who confirmed that both titles have been delayed to Ubisoft's fiscal Q4, which begins in January and ends in March of next year. Here's the reason they're giving for the delay: "We strongly feel that the extra time will make it possible to present fans with a level of polish that will live up to our ambitions and their expectations." In short, it ain't ready yet.

No word yet on any other delays, but I'll keep you posted.