‘Halo Legends,’ ‘Fallout 3’ Alien Weapons, Xbox 360 Update – Multiplayer’s Top Stories

It’s Friday and everyone knows that that means! If you’ve been crazed about Comic-Con you may have missed some of the bigger stories this week. Thankfully I’m here to direct you. I’m just that sorta guy.

“Halo Legends” premieres at Comic-Con, and we get our first look at the “Halo Legends” trailer.

“Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta” weapons revealed, and whether we’ll see another level cap raise in “Fallout 3.”

“World of WarCraft” movie directed by Sam Raimi? Woah!

– An Xbox 360 Update is on its way to your home on August 11th. Get excited!

– The list of the best selling video games of the first half of 2009 was revealed. No, “Madworld” did not make the cut.

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