'Halo' Clothing By Marc Ecko Is Basically Unwearable

Video game shirts have to walk a fine line. Generally the very best ones are subtle enough that an outsider wouldn't know that it's a video game shirt, thinking that it's only a cool design, but a fan would get it and smile knowingly.

Marc Ecko's new line of "Halo"-themed t-shirts is basically the opposite of all things good in this world. They're garish, loud and obvious. If you went to a third-tier metal show in Nebraska, you'd likely see the up-and-coming band selling similar shirts at their merch table after the show.

The shame of it is that the "Halo" universe has such kick ass iconography that you don't need to rely on huge, full-body shots of Master Chief to get the point across. For example, this hoodie that Bungie gave out at a "Halo 3" review event. Subtle but effective, unlike 10 foot letters saying "FREE HEAD SHOTS," whatever that means.

Oh, and they cost between 32 and 38 bucks. If you're willing to pay that much for a t-shirt, these are probably right up your alley.