Tour de France Recalls Classic Video Game Bike Moments

Despite the popularity of the Tour de France, cycling in video games isn't exactly common. Motorcycles, sure, but plain old riding a bike? Not exactly something you come across everyday. Maybe it's simply not as thrilling as motorized means of transport? Or maybe cycling is awesome and game developers are just out of touch. After all, these moments were clearly some of the high points in video game history!

Ah less, the Little Mac training sequence in "Punch-out." Not pictured, the rope tied around Mac's waist and the burrito lunch that Doc had, both of which make this exercise far more painful.

The classic bike-centric game: "Paperboy." Riders on the Tour de France don't have to deal with rabid dogs, rogue lawn mowers and blonde-driven hot rods. At least not in any of the legs I've seen.

Why steal a car when you can steal a bike? CJ from "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" wasn't known to ride around on a bicycle all that often, but when he did? Boom: instant exercise! And longer sprinting means easier escapes from rival gang members/cops, so everyone's happy! (Except for the rival gang members/cops.)