Video: Grandmaster Flash Plays 'DJ Hero' For The First Time

Grandmaster Flash is a hip-hop legend and was one of the major forces behind the popularity of DJing, cutting and mixing. His inclusion in Activision's upcoming DJ rhythm game, "DJ Hero," is unsurprising but that doesn't make it any less awesome. Flash provides some of the tracks in the game, and will appear as an in-game character. He's even the voice that will walk players through the initial tutorial.

Activision showed off "DJ Hero" in New York last week and brought Flash around to speak to MTV about his work in the game. A full interview is forthcoming, but we thought you guys might get a kick out of some of the footage we grabbed. Yes, it's Grandmaster Flash playing "DJ Hero" for the very first time. Things go...erm...well.

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In case you live in one of the above regions things don't actually go well. GMF mentioned that he's not really a gamer, but he's definitely going to put in some time to "master" (ha!) "DJ Hero." He's sure his son will make short work of it, though.