Michael Jackson 'Honored' In 'Battlefield Heroes'

UPDATE: Despite appearing for pay on the "Battlefield Heroes" test servers, EA has reached out to inform us that the costumes will be free upon release. Rejoice!

ORIGINAL STORY: Looking to pay tribute to Michael Jackson's passing? Well then you should probably pay MONEY to Electronic Arts.

"Battlefield Heroes" players will be able to pony up 420 Battlefunds (about $3 in real money) for each Michael Jackson-themed costume. The good guys have access to the white suit from the "Smooth Criminal" music video, while the bad guys get the black leather getup from "Bad."

I don't take issue with the concept, an in-game memorial of MJ, but to sell them? Sure, Battlefield Heroes is a free game and it makes its money off of in-game customization options, but this just smacks of bad taste.

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