Carmack: 'Quake,' 'Quake 2,' 'RAGE' Coming To iPhone, 'Quake 3' Possible

John Carmack of id Software spoke to Multiplayer over the phone today to talk about "DOOM Resurrection," (impressions coming shortly) but he couldn't help but talk about future iPhone projects that id is working on:

"There's no doubt that we'll go through 'Quake' and 'Quake 2.' I think that I can probably manage to do 'Quake 3' on the conventional iPhone platform, if Apple winds up addressing just a few things in their system software. When you start looking at the 3GS, ['Quake 3'] would not be a problem at all."

He went on to talk about other iPhone projects that are in the works, including "RAGE" for iPhone, "Wolfenstein RPG," and "DOOM 2 RPG."

"We've got our 3 major prongs, with the classic games ['Wolf 3D Classic,' 'Doom Classic']. We have the from scratch games, that 'DOOM Resurrection' is the first of, and we'll probably have something 'RAGE'-themed there.

"Then we've also got our traditional mobile games, starting with 'Wolfenstein RPG,' which is already done and in the can, but EA thought everyone was going to be confused about 'Wolfenstein RPG' and 'Wolfenstein 3D Classic.' They're sitting on that for a while and I don't know when they're gonna get that out.

"Then the expectation is that the id Mobile team will be doing the DOOM 2 RPG for the iPhone after the finish with the Java and Brew versions. I expect we'll have an iPhone project every two to three months over the next year."

Carmack seems generally enthralled with the prospects of the iPhone, and is willing to experiment on his own. "Wolfenstein 3D" was basically a pet project of his, so you can imagine what he's capable of when he really sets his mind to a project.