Four Upcoming Games You Can Play in 3D

Even though the technology is pretty ancient, it seems that game developers are finally coming around to 3D vision in their games. Here are four titles that will allow you to don glasses and feel a little bit nauseous:


Based on the Disney movie of the same name, "G-Force" has you playing as a handful of super spy critters. Like the movie, the game will have a 3D option and come with red and blue glasses. Since it's a 3rd person action/adventure game, the effect is pretty pronounced, as the back of your character is crisp and in focus while his targets are a little blurred and given a feeling of depth. Worth nothing, though, that I wanted to puke after 3 minutes of playing the game in 3D. Thankfully you can toggle the 3D on and off at will.

Resident Evil 5

While "G-Force" uses low-fi red and blue glasses for its 3D effects, "Resident Evil 5" on the PC will support a much fancier set-up. Only compatible (at least at launch) with Nvidia's GeForce 3D Vision glasses, the game hopes to feature the best 3D visuals in a game, and based on my impressions at a recent press event, it's definitely a step-up from the cardboard and plastic. No nausea here and the effect lacked the flickering that you'll find with red and blue glasses. Admittedly option is much more expensive, with the glasses costing around $200 and a compatible monitor costing around $400. So really it's a matter of just how dedicated you are to pretending axes are flying at your head.


Haven't seen this one working in 3D just yet, but it's definitely another one of the expensive options. The game based on James Cameron's sci-fi epic will require a special TV and glasses if you want to see the 3D effect, and somehow I doubt they're talking about cereal box glasses.

Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao

Just 'cause you wanna play a game in 3D doesn't mean you gotta plunk down cash for an in-store title. NamcoBandai's "Invicible Tiger" will support a range of 3D options, from stereoscopic 3D (as seen with those tinted IMAX glasses) and anaglyph (the red and blues). While I haven't seen the stereoscopic option, I did check out the game with anaglyphs on and the effect was marked. Since it's a side-scroller you don't really have to worry about nasuea, and the cartoon styling really pops against the asian-themed backgrounds.

Wrap Up

So there you have it...plenty of options to keep your 3D needs in check. Know of any other games that are being designed for 3D insanity? Lemme know in the comments!

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