Carmack: id Software Would've Been Worse Off With Activision/EA

Even though id Software still has a publishing agreement with Activision (for "Wolfenstein") and EA (for "RAGE"), Zenimax is definitely a more ideal home for the company. The acquisition of id by Zenimax, parent company of Bethesda Softworks, was announced yesterday. John Carmack spoke to MTV Multiplayer about the deal and why he thinks Activision and EA wouldn't have been a good fit for the long-time game development house.

"When you get down and look at the details of what it would mean for id Software to be apart of Activision and EA, you start realizing that it wouldn't be all roses in that situation. We'd be coming into a situation where we'd have several other studios inside the same company that essentially want to do what we want to do. There's competitive interest there, and they're entrenched. We'd be coming in from the outside to fight for our space there, fight for the resources and attention of a larger company."

Speaking specifically of Bethesda, Carmack had this to say: "It's rare that you can imagine having a situation like this where two companies could be better suited, where there's no competition for any of the resources or doing similar things on there."

But, even though it's big news, it looks like we won't be seeing any drastic changes for a long while.

"Nothing really is going to change in the next couple years. Activision's still publishing 'Wolfenstein,' 'RAGE' is still an EA Partners title. But it will be 'DOOM 4' as the first title that's going to be published directly by Zenimax. Only after that do we see things that are going to be actually different because of this."

"Fallout 6" developed by id? "DOOM 5" with VATS? Carmack says it's too far away to imagine, but that there will be definitely be constant communication with the development houses to make sure they can make the best games possible.