'Wolfenstein' Campaign To Feature 1,638.4 Nazi Deaths

id Software and Activision came to New York this week to show off "Wolfenstein," and I came away much more excited than I was going in. It was my first time really playing it and the vibe I got was of a much gorier "Call of Duty," but with super powers.

It also lets you kill a lot of Nazis, which is always fun. Just how many Nazis you kill is tracked in the menus, right down to the different ways you've killed them (from electrocutions to dismemberments). I asked to take a photo of the menu screen which tallied up the deaths, but since it was only from the one-level demo they were showing, the numbers were pretty paltry. Thankfully Activision just sent over a shot of the menu from 36% into the game, and here's what things were looking like.

After a little grade-school math (cross-multiply and divide, baby!) I was able to determine that, upon reaching 100% completion, you'll have killed exactly 1,638.4 Nazis in a variety of ways. Granted this doesn't factor in replaying missions (which is almost certainly required to get to 100% completion) but hey, math isn't an exact science!