Tiger Woods and Jimmy Fallon Do Battle in Times Square

At 10am on Wednesday morning, the gauntlet was thrown down between the greatest golfer of all time (probably) and the newest Late Night host. Tiger Woods and Jimmy Fallon had a mini 3-hole tourney to determine just who is the greatest Wii golf aficionado, using "PGA Tour 10" as the point of contention.

As it happens, Tiger got crushed by Fallon, needing a hole-in-one on the last hole to have a chance. Tiger was quick to recall that he's had 19 hole-in-ones over his career, but sadly this was not his 20th and he fell to Fallon by a large margin.

On a sidenote, this was the best press event ever, 'cause it took place literally 50 feet outside my building. Note to future PR people...plan every event to take place in the island in the middle of Times Square, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.