'Worms 2' Launching Next Week on XBLA

Announced on Team 17's Facebook page, "Worms 2" is finding its way to Xbox Live Arcade next week for a paltry price of 10 bucks.

I've been playing "Worms 2" on PartnerNet for the past month or two and I'm absolutely stunned by the price point. The original "Worms" was basically a scaled down version of the first PC release with upgraded graphics, and that went for 10 bucks. "Worms 2" is far from scaled down, offering a staggering number of weapons, modes and customization options. And no, they're not paying me, it's really that good.

Thankfully you don't need to take my word for it, as there's always the free demo for you to try out the title. Considering the first game was one of the all-time top sellers on XBLA, I have a feeling there are gonna be plenty of people to keep you company.